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I always try to avoid using this space to promote particular groups or events for fear of coming across as playing favorites.

But when a recent story came across my desk, I was immediately struck. The more I researched the story and found out the background, the more I wanted to make this a story that would touch everyone.

The story is about a group of African children, all of whom have lost one or both of their parents to poverty or disease, who travel the world as part of the African Children’s Choir and share their story through music.

It wasn’t long after I started working on the story that I found a video on the popular Web site YouTube.com. I was immediately drawn in.

Here are children coming from the most destitute of situations singing and dancing with bright smiles on their faces who appear to be living a life that all children deserve, one full of joy and innocence.

What’s more is that being a part of the children’s choir ensures that these children will receive an education when they return to their homeland after a year-long tour with the choir. 

The mission of the African Children’s Choir is to help the children of Africa today so that they can, in turn, help shape a better future for the country.

In the nearly 25 years since the program began, the choir has reached nearly 8,000 children.

The group is performing Feb. 6 at the McGlohon Theatre in Charlotte. When I last checked with the 730-seat theater, tickets were selling fast, a good sign that, perhaps, the story has touched others besides myself.

My hope is that there will be space for all who desire to see the show, but if not, that people will find other ways to support this wonderful mission.

In case you’re interested, there is a link to a video of the choir online at http://www.harrisburghorizons.com

Jonathan E. Coleman

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