Celebrating the arts


Having married into a family that is passionate about the performing arts, I’ve found myself in recent years taking in musicals, as well as theater and dance productions on an increasingly regular basis.
Since moving to the area to help start Harrisburg Horizons a little more than a year ago, I’ve made an effort to seek out opportunities to continue fostering my newly-acquired appreciation for the arts.
I tried many of the regular places in Charlotte — The Blumenthal Performing Arts Center and other lesser known venues — but I’ve only recently discovered the wealth of opportunities here in Cabarrus County.
This week, Harrisburg Horizons is proud to bring you the stories of two very different opportunities to take in the works of local and professional artists, many of whom live right here in our community.
This weekend, the Piedmont Dance Theatre will present its third annual summer concert series at Village Park Amphitheater in Kannapolis, an event that features both professional ballet performers and local students studying at Piedmont Dance Theatre.
The second opportunity, coming next weekend, is a collaboration of performers from local churches to create a program honoring the military. This event is all the more unique in that it is also a fundraising effort to benefit local military families.
I’m not sure what it is about performing arts that grabs my attention, but I am certainly excited about the prospect of a growing arts community here in Cabarrus County.
If you haven’t made any plans for this weekend, or next, mark your calendars for these upcoming events and make an effort to support these performing arts groups, if for no other reason that to support these important parts of our community.
Who knows, you might even find, like I did, that you’ll enjoy yourself.

Jonathan E. Coleman

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