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With all the attention that has been paid to the national presidential primary, some local elections have taken a back seat, but still deserve thoughtful consideration

With less than a week before voters will head to the polls – likely in record numbers – many candidates are working overtime to get their views heard and get their names in the minds of their constituents as the best candidate for the job at hand.

And while the Democratic presidential primary has dominated the headlines for several months in a race that puts North Carolina in the rare spotlight during primary season — and has seen presidential hopefuls and their families visit Cabarrus County on multiple occasions — it is not the only race on the ballot this year.

While it is an off year for municipal elections in Harrisburg, there are still votes to be cast in a crowded race for Cabarrus County Commissioner, as well as other important state and federal offices.

The candidates that eventually are seated on the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners will make decisions that will arguably have a more consistent impact on the daily lives of Cabarrus County citizens than will the next president of the United States.

These board members will chart the course for Cabarrus County in the years to come, and as such deserve equal if not more thought-provoking consideration before voters cast their ballots Tuesday.

Similarly, state officials will make decisions for the betterment of North Carolina residents, and as such, these figures deserve careful consideration before the voting process begins.

Regardless of your political views, it is my sincere hope that you’ll carefully consider your choices for all open political races and be an active part of the Democratic process when the polls open Tuesday – or before, if you’re at all inclined to try One-Stop voting.

One of the most profound examples of democracy at work, in my mind, is when voters head to the polls to have their collective voices heard on Election Day. It is a time I look forward to each year.

Happy voting.

Jonathan E. Coleman

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