Medicap pharmacy opens in Harrisburg


After nearly 12 years of preparation, Roy Hill finally realizes his dream of owning his own pharmacy

By Christie Barlow
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When Roy Hill set out to open his own pharmacy, he didn’t know it would be a 12-year project.

Hill found the location for what would become Medicap Pharmacy in Harrisburg in 1995, and has been waiting for the pharmacy to open ever since. 

His dream was realized on Friday, June 15, when he opened the doors of Medicap Pharmacy for the first time.

“It’s been such a long process, it’s like, ‘man, I can’t believe we’re finally open,’ ” Hill said. “I’m really excited. I’ve been waiting on this to come to fruition. It’s a nice feeling.”

Located in Harrisburg Town Center, Medicap is part of a franchise, but each one is individually owned and operated. 

Hill felt comfortable owning a Medicap because it would give him the additional support he was looking for offering different programs and products he could use at his own discretion, he said. 

Although business has started off slow, Hill was excited to get into the Harrisburg location because of the growth and development the area is seeing, he said. 

He is hoping that things will pick up after the grand opening being held today.

Hill’s pharmacy offers drive thru service, free local delivery, prescription transfers and accepts most insurance and Medicare Part D plans. 

Unlike other pharmacy’s, you aren’t going to find any t-shirts or coolers for sale at Medicap, Hill said. 

What you will find is a collection of braces, flu and allergy medicine, vitamins and other health and hygiene related items.

Not only does the strictly health related materials make Hill stand out from the bigger chain stores, Hill prides himself on the level of personal service he offers. 

Hill and Susan Lomax, a certified pharmaceutical technician, will work in the pharmacy. 

People can count on getting to talk with Hill and Lomax and have them answer their questions when they come in, both Hill and Lomax said.

“I’ve always had independent pharmacy in my blood,” Hill said. “The big difference is how personal the service is. Even if we’re busy I’m going to try to know you, know your parents, know your kids.”

Lomax said the independent pharmacy business is a lot different than working for a chain. 

At a chain, everything is very fast paced and busy, and pharmacists don’t have a lot of time for their patients. 

Lomax is used to seeing Hill go the extra mile for customers, taking the time to answer questions and give them information about their medication.

“Even in this first week seeing him fill the prescriptions, he puts that little extra in when ringing things up,” Lomax said. “At other places, it’s so fast paced you don’t have time to sit and talk because you have so much to do. That’s just the environment, but it’s different here.”

Hill got his start working in his father’s pharmacy when he was 14, and is happy to still be working in the field today.

“I thought about what (other job) I could do, but I really wanted this one,” Hill said. “Especially in this environment.”

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