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Felicia Dixon Ward
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Getting the word out about your business can be a challenge if you’re a start-up business, launching a new product or services or your company does not have a marketing budget. 

With the advancement in technology has made it more affordable and easier for businesses of all sizes to market their products and services more effectively.

The Internet is now the number one resource used by businesses and consumers to research a product or service in making a purchasing decision. By including technology marketing as apart of your marketing plan can help your business target a larger audience, market 24 hours seven days a week, save money and increase profits.

If you’re saying to yourself, “I am not tech savvy” don’t despair the information presented is for the novice. The article will cover three technology marketing solutions: Web sites, E-Marketing campaigns (newsletters, promotions and announcements) and Webinars.

Web sites
In the pass Web sites were only used by large companies but with the innovations in technology has made it cost effective for small business owners to have a web presence. A Web site allows businesses to target a larger audience they would not normally be able to market there products or services. Because the Web site can be accessed globally a small one person business can sell to the world. The price to create a Web site is minimal to no cost. 

For start-ups or any business looking to save money, Web sites such as Doteasy (http://www.doteasy.com)  and Microsoft Office Live (http://www.officelive.com) can be a great start to getting your company on the Web. These sites are free for a basic Web site and easy to create. These sites use templates, which allow even a non-tech individual to create an attractive Web site.

Web sites market your business 24 hours/seven days a week this is great because your Web site is working for you all the time. Your Web site can capture the names of potential customers who want to receive more information about your business, product or service. If your Web site is setup as an online store, you can make sales while sleeping or on vacation.

E-Marketing Campaigns
An e-marketing campaign allows businesses to stay in touch with customers by using a traditional way of marketing in a non-traditional way. Before e-marketing businesses would mail newsletter, announcements and promotions. Direct mail marketing is still a great way to stay in contact with customers and follow up on sales leads but it can become costly. E-marketing allows businesses to send information about a new sales promotion, announcement of a new product or service and informational newsletter all from your computer. No paper, printing or stamps are required you simply determine what day you want your marketing campaign material to be sent and then press send and that’s it.

Some e-marketing solution providers have surveys which, allows the business to receive feedback from customers. This can be a great tool for getting valuable insight on your customer wants and needs. Feedback from your customers is generated instantly to your account for easy tracking and a quicker response time for effective business decisions based on the feedback.

Constant Contact (http://www.constantcontact.com) offers e-marketing solutions for businesses at an affordable price. The program is easy to use with great tracking capabilities. Constant Contact offers first time users a free 60-day trial to begin an e-marketing campaign.

Webinars allow businesses to communicate as if face-to-face with people locally and globally at anytime conducting secure on-line video conferencing, meetings and seminars. 

Webinars allow the meeting planner/host to have an unlimited number of attendees. Webinars are cost effective because no travelling is required; you simply login and your at the meeting.

Holding a seminar is a profit-maximizing, cost-effective way to reach customers. Some businesses charge attendees to attend webinars.

There are several webinar solutions providers such as http://www.gotomeeting.com  offering a free 30-day trial and http://www.webex.com which offers a free 14-day trial.

Technology marketing is an excellent way to add another dimension to traditional marketing to introduce products and services to customers and increase sales.

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