Oh, the wonders of being a mom


By Andrea Scola
Life As Mom
I couldn’t wait to be a mom!  Most of my friends were having their second child, and I only just married.

As soon as the honeymoon was over I started asking the question, “Can we start?” 

He was right, of course, by saying that we should wait.  After all, we were living in a one-bedroom apartment, and still adjusting to the married life (although, at the time, none of the reasons satisfied my quest). 

Rich is four years younger than me, and didn’t have a biological clock ticking. I held my tongue for a year… and then after 9/11 I could no longer restrain myself. 

We were at Ray York’s funeral. I sat with the other wives, while all the firefighters stood at attention along the outside aisles. I sat there feeling remorse as I watched Ray’s wife and children, but somehow my thoughts led to my yearning of having my own children. 

As soon as we stepped outside the church, I ran over to Rich and exclaimed, “I want to have your baby.” And he just simply said, “OK.” Nine months later we conceived, and after another nine, we gave birth to a healthy baby boy. 

Just like most moms going through their first pregnancy, I bought the books, I read tons of articles online and all I had was baby on the brain. 

I was only attuned to the wonderful, glorious things about babies. And then day three of being home with my little bundle of joy, I suffered major culture shock!  Nobody told me that newborns didn’t sleep through the night! 

I can honestly remember sitting on the couch with my baby asleep in my arms. It was a picturesque moment, but I just cried. All I could think was, “He’s never going away. This is it… day in, day out; I am now completely relied on 24/7.” 

I was not going to chalk it up as post-partum. This was reality. I no longer came first in my world. 

As women, as mothers, we learn to adjust. That’s why girlfriends, family, and support groups are so vital for women. 

I joined the Moms Club of Harrisburg before I even actually moved here. I knew I was going to need an outlet, other than my wonderful, supportive husband. 
Being new to the area and a stay-at-home mom with three little children (presently 6, 4 and 3 years of age), I was very much in need of such a group. These women are the best too! Not only did I receive advice for pediatricians, preschools and children-friendly restaurants, but they offer a place where me and my children can socialize and have some fun too. Everyone mom could use support — find a group that will suit your needs and join today. You won’t regret it! 

Oh, once I got over the shock, I did settle into my new role as being a mom. Although I have my moments, I do know my kids are a true gift from God.

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