People on the street Philip Morris reactions


Eric Deines interviewed several people on the street today, getting some local reactions to the initial news that Philip Morris is leaving town.

Alexander Sacco, 56, Midland

“I’m glad they’re closing. As far as I’m concerned, that was the cancer factory. You could smell it all over town. I’m sorry about the people who will lose their jobs, but I’m sure they’ll find suitable employment.”

Marti Barnhardt, 69, Concord

“It will impact everything in Cabarrus County — tax base-wise and everything else. It’s just one more example of what we’re losing in our country. I understand that businesses are in it for the business. I just feel really sad for the people who have been there and will be without a job.”

J.R. Riley, 71, Concord

“I had to bury my wife in 2000 because of cigarettes. As far as Philip Morris leaving the area, more power to them. I think it’s going to mean a tax increase for the rest of us.”

—Look for more reactions in Thursday’s edition of the Independent Tribune.

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