Hibernian Hall spreads Christmas spirit with Holiday Bazaar

By Christie Barlow
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Hibernian Hall finds itself at the heart of Christmas happenings in Harrisburg, and this year, they’re getting in on the spirit of the season.

On Friday, Nov. 30, from 4 to 8 p.m., Hibernian Hall will be home to Christmas spirit, gifts and decorations. The hall will host its first ever Holiday Bazaar. 
Local businesses, sellers and crafters will be on hand with a supply of holiday crafts and items up for grabs.

“I thought, around the holiday season what do people want,” said Lasherre Fuller, who is coordinating the event with Robert Macleod, owner of Hibernian Hall. “They don’t like being in a big mall, fighting for parking. They like to be in a center getting some unique items locally.”

There will be crafts, decorations, wreaths, jewelry, Christmas flower arrangements and pampered chef items among other things at the Holiday Bazaar.
Fuller is hoping to top out with about 25 different vendors at the event. Her goal is to offer unique and different items from each vendor giving people a wide variety of choices. Fuller said price of items would vary from as low as $4 to as high as $100.

Fuller, a direct seller of home interior items, participates in a lot of craft shows, but said there aren’t very many within Cabarrus County. She wanted something in the community were people could go and buy decorations and gifts without having to travel all over the state. A large part of the appeal is that, at the end of the day, if people didn’t get everything they want, the vendor is from the area and they still have a chance to get their items, Fuller said.

Fuller started thinking about coordinating her own show in June. After walking by Hibernian Hall several times, Fuller went in where she met Macleod. It didn’t take long for her to pitch her holiday bazaar idea.

Macleod was happy to jump on board with the idea. He thought it would be a great opportunity for the community to support their local businesses and save some money on travel.

“It’s a matter of folks being able to do some shopping in our locale,” Macleod said. “Especially today with fuel prices. Folks have the opportunity to save some hard earned money being in one locale.”

This is the first holiday bazaar that Macleod and Fuller have held, and neither one knows what to expect as far as turnout goes. The duo hope anywhere between 500 and 1,000 people attend the event. They are hoping that added traffic from the Harrisburg Christmas Tree Lighting will bring more people in to check out holiday items.

Kathy Hemple, the floor manager at Hibernian Hall, is looking forward to the bazaar because it’s a chance to get a start on her Christmas shopping and get into the holiday spirit.

“It’s a good place to get unique gifts instead of a place like the mall where all the stores have the same thing,” Hemple said. “Everyone wants to be unique on Christmas.”

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