For those of you looking to make the most of your summer vacation, without the gas-guzzling trips to far-away vacation spots, have you considered a ‘stay-cation’?

Spring allergies have come and gone, the final school bell has chimed and eager families have begun making their final plans for a long-overdue break from reality.

Summer is finally here.

Local pools are open, Bible school listings are popping up in area calendars and sports leagues are preparing for their summer camps.

I love this time of year, despite the heat. It’s a time with so much possibility, with so many opportunities to break away from the everyday routine and take in some of the many activities that are going on in and around the community.

Whether it’s one of the concert events being held in Town Center or any of the festivities surrounding the approaching July 4th holiday, this time of year never seems to be short on fun.

With rising gas prices taking a toll on many families, some vacation plans may be altered for what I’ve heard recently called a “stay-cation.” The idea behind a stay-cation is that you don’t need to travel to have fun and make the most of the summer months. Instead, you can stay home for vacation.

In Harrisburg, and Cabarrus County, the idea of a stay-cation is becoming increasingly easier to realize as schools, community groups and parks and recreation departments create new programs to reach a wide audience.

For the sporting types, Hickory Ridge High School will play host to a number of camps starting later this month that will help athletes hone their skills in everything from cheerleading to football. Music lovers can make the most of Sundays til Sunset events or Cabarrus Arts Council’s Pops in the Park, performing this weekend. If you’re more interested in impromptu stay-cation activities, there are parks to explore, shopping to be done or movies to be watched.

While it admittedly sounds like a tourism commercial, Harrisburg is ideally located for those looking to save a little gas while still having plenty of fun this summer.

Happy traveling.

Jonathan E. Coleman

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