Summer fun for all ages


With school out for the summer, parents can now consider some of the many social and recreational options to entertain their children over the next several months

School’s out, and Thursday marks the official start of summer.

With that in mind, some parents are likely scrambling to make last minute plans for how their children will spend those precious weeks between the family’s vacation and the children’s return to school in August.

This summer, Harrisburg youth and their parents are in luck. As the town continues to grow, so too do its options for summer programs for children and teens.

Today, there are so many different options for youth of all ages and reaching across a wide range of interests, from academic to athletic. 

From Harrisburg Youth Athletic Association sports to Spanish or crocheting classes offered through the parks & recreation department to the summer reading program at the library and church bible schools, there are no shortages of opportunities for area children to continue learning and growing, even when they’re not in a classroom reading from a textbook.

There are several YMCA camps and Upward Sports Ministry programs, not to mention bible schools offered at most churches.

These opportunities not only provide our youth with a chance to further their education, in some cases without them realizing that they’re learning, but they also provide an opportunity for social interaction with other youth sharing their interests, an equally important aspect of their development.

We at Harrisburg Horizons will do our best to bring you up-to-date information on these programs to help you plan ahead.

We recognize the efforts of the many organizers and planners from across the community who have made these various offerings available.

We hope all of our readers have safe and enjoyable summers, and that you’ll make the most of all the options available.

Jonathan E. Coleman

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